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Interview with Sri Acharyara Samadarshini

Sri Samadarshini is one of the close senior disciples of Sri Bhagavan and Amma, the founders of Oneness University and the Golden Age Movement. Sri Samadarshini gathers very large groups of people both in India and abroad. Her presence is one of deep love and compassion that is felt by all who meet her. In this exclusive interview with a Swedish journalist, Sri Samadarshini shares the teachings of Sri Bhagavan.

    Do you have healing power?



    Q2: And what does it mean, can you see through a person?
    A: In India we have retreats for awakening the higher sacred self. And then we have what we call deeksha. Deeksha is the a transfer actually, awakening the energy from within the reciever, the person's kundalini, and cleansing his bodies for allowing the grace to flow. When we give deeksha we connect to Sri Bhagavan's and Amma?s consciousness and then we do it. It is not a complicated process, like Reiki, we just think of Sri Bhagavan and it starts or we just think of Amma and it starts.

    In a day we heal thousands of people. It is not only the dasajis (disciples) that heal, thousands of devotees do this, they just think of Sri Bhagavan and Amma with great love and say "Sri Bhagavan please help"; they need to have that feeling. They heal not only for physical problems, but also for relationship problems, for fear, for anything. According to Sri Bhagavan the real problem is a disease in consciousness and this disease in consciousness manifest itself in the external world. So when you heal you touch a person's consciousness.

    Let me say, I have a very powerful contact with Sri Bhagavan in my higher sacred self, if I want I can ask Sri Bhagavan and see what is wrong inside your body and then heal. We do not usually do it, we straight away pray and start the healing. Unless we feel that what the person say does not understand his condition, or we feel that the medical report is wrong, than we ask for seeing where the problem is.

    Can Sri Bhagavan separate his daily consciousness from the part of him that is contact with the millions of devotees?

    A: I tell you what Sri Bhagavan has said. In his awakened consciousness he speaks to us all. He is not in touch with that part of himself but he knows where all his manifestations are and what he is doing for people. And sometimes he is having an inner review of all the people that have been helped that day.

    Q4: What is your daily work and your goals in the Oneness University?
    A: My basic work is on the spiritual sphere. Besides the meditation and spiritual practices done for ourselves and for the mankind, very often I conduct retreats for thousands of people. Two days ago I conducted a retreat for 25 000 people on the beach. Before that I conducted a retreat for 11 000 people in Bangalore. So I am basically involved in guiding people, seekers and conducting special courses for women and teaching men how to get connected with Sri Bhagavan and receive grace. That is what I love to do most. Basically I conduct homas (cleansing rituals), retreats and teach.

    To me it looks like you have total trust in life and in Sri Bhagavan and Amma. That trust, you cannot get it by effort, is it so?

    A: Yes, it comes by grace.

    Q6: Is Amma ever meeting the devotees?
    A: Amma meets the devotees inwards. Amma is mostly by herself. Amma is more answering prayers. Amma and Sri Bhagavan are like two sides of the same coin. Sri Bhagavan is the yang and Amma is the yin. Amma is seeing people but not too much of talking, she meets her female disciples. We are guided by Amma.

    (Now, Sri Amma give darshan 5 days a week, morning and afternoon)

    Q7: Is it then better to pray to Amma than to Sri Bhagavan?
    A: Sri Bhagavan is also answering, but Amma is faster. I get Amma first, she is fast, devotees also do that.

    Q8: Do they care for different aspects?
    A: No, it is not like that. Both of them are only focused on enlightenment and helping man with their suffering, no matter what it is. India is a developing country and people have a lot of problems. Amma and Sri Bhagavan are equally concerned about it. They help in many ways. They are also very concerned about relationships. To Amma and Sri Bhagavan relationships are very sacred. You are relationships Sri Bhagavan says, life is relationships.

    Q9: What is the difference between me manifesting something and Sri Bhagavan manifesting something?
    A: The quantity and the quality I should say, (laugh!), the magnitude of the phenomena. There have been instances when the dead came back to life. I asked some dasajis (disciples) to collect some classical examples of dead coming back to life, I expected between 15 and 20 examples, but now I can write a book on them. Only in ten years there have been so many. The movement started only ten years ago. In this short time so many things happened, it is incredible. In the history of spirituality these things have happened, people have come back to life, healing has happened, people have manifested. But now, the numbers are so big, and it is only the beginning of the phenomena. Sri Bhagavan was recently telling me "I have not even revealed one per cent of my power of my consciousness, I am just waiting."

    Q10: And is the Shakti Staala (Golden City Temple) going to create magnitude?
    A: No, it is Sri Bhagavan that will create it. He decided that this is going to be the way he is going to operate. But basically it is how much he goes into himself. In the beginning of the movement there was no miracles, the devotees were praying for it, they said Sri Bhagavan you must do it, you must operate. The ordinary man needs to see this, they are intellectually poor, and they need to see it. Sri Bhagavan said, "Okay, they will have it". Amma blessed and said, "Okay, we will do it". From that day started the phenomena. Fragrances came from their photographs, water flew from the walls. It started happening, now it is an ordinary phenomenon, it keeps on happening here and there. So the moment they take it inside themselves, they go inside they build it, it happens.

    Is it important to be aware of Sri Bhagavan and Amma - to see their pictures?


    For certain kinds of help that you need, it is very helpful. What we have seen in India is that even if people have not met Sri Bhagavan or do not even know his name but have seen his picture, it helps. Some have not seen the picture, they just know his name, it helps. What is most important is to get connected to him. It helps very much.

    Q12: But if you take my father for example, he will not use Sri Bhagavan?s name, but rather uses the name Jesus. Is it easier for people to know Sri Bhagavan?
    A: Sri Bhagavan says, "It is not that everyone should know me, it is not that all humanity should worship me or come in to the movement. It is enough that a section of humanity get enlightened, the rest will come automatically." They are playing their roles silently; they are affecting man's relationship with the divine. It is happening silently, it is their work, you need not know it. Let us say, you just have to drink the water. Very few need to know, very few are curious to know, the rest are happily drinking the water and bathing in it.

We are so overwhelmed that you gave us so much time. Thank you.

I am so happy and this can help so much. Even if just one single person gets benefited this meeting has been so sacred.

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