Thursday, April 17, 2008

marathi software engineers in USA, america

This is poem dedicated to software engineers in USA - America.

B1 warchya prawasat
H1 chich swapne distat..
Saving kade dole un..
INS kade kan astat !

H1 ala ki dhaganwarun
prawas aapla chalu hoto..
Indiatlya company madhla
boss karkun watu lagto..!

Consultancy chya job madhyehi..
watate aapan hi-tech khare..
Swargate chya tya traffic peksha
New Jersey madhle waiting bare..

Hotelat jewoon un overtime takoon..
tabyetiche bara wajtaat..
Apala mulaga ameriket mhanun
gharche matra khush astat..

Corolla,civic kinwa camry cha
Shodh lavkarach chalu hoto..
Hotelat tip taktana
haat ugachach jad hoto..

Gulti un madrashyanna pahun
manat ugachach cheed yete..
maharashtra mandalachya karyakramanna
na chukta hajeri lagoo lagte..

Indiat jatana shopping chi
bhitich manat basleli aste..
smirnoff kinwa bacardi matra
na chukta bag-et padate..

Indiamadhun parat aalyawar..
mun bhakas khinna hote.. ( *mun=mind )
"mi ithe ka?" chya ganitache
shunyahoon kami uttar yete..

"It's not worth it yaar"..
Aapan zoptana wichar karto..
pahatecha ghadyalacha
gajar matra haluch lawto..

Don deshant aani don lokant..
manache helkawe chalu rahatat..
Ameriketlya freeway warti.....
kishore chi gaani wajat rahatat....

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