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The Great Vision of Sri Amma Bhagavan

The Great Vision of

Sri Amma Bhagavan

by Radhakrishna Dasaji from the Oneness University

I would like to share the great vision of Sri Amma Bhagavan for the world at large. The divine purpose behind the birth of the avatars Sri Amma – Bhagavan is to help every individual awaken to a state of Oneness within himself while on the other hand, it is also to bring about a global Golden Age. According to Sri Amma Bhagavan as every individual transcends the barriers of nationality, race, religion etc.. all arising from the fundamental inner division of the ‘me’ and the ‘you’; we would witness a quantum level transformation in the external conditions of this planet as a whole. This, according to Sri Amma Bhagavan is the Golden Age and it is to usher such an age of happiness and prosperity that the Oneness Movement has been founded by them.

Such a massive external transformation could only be a result of a deep inner awakening in every individual, which is what Sri Amma Bhagavan call the ‘Oneness Age’. Thus the Oneness Age and the Golden Age are inseparable and complementary to each other. Awakening to such a state of Oneness cannot happen through our efforts alone and hence divine benediction is indispensable. The Deeksha phenomenon ensuing forth from the divine consciousness of Sri Amma Bhagavan brings about this downpour of divine grace quintessential for our awakening to Oneness.

The 21 days Oneness Process in India is a program specially designed to raise the levels of consciousness of aspiring seekers as also empowering them with the ability to transfer deekshas to other seekers back home. Sri Amma Bhagavan envision the Oneness Movement to be a people’s movement wherein every individual concerned with collective human evolution is first helped to rise to higher levels of consciousness and later empowered with the ability to produce a similar transformation in others through deekshas.

If the sufficient number of deeksha givers emerge in North America and transfer deekshas; then according to Sri Amma Bhagavan it would lead to a very spontaneous spiritual evolution of the nation as a whole. The special Deeksha givers’ Conference (Oneness Teachers’ conference) that was held in LA was specially organised to accelerate this process. Such conferences would continue to be organised regularly, every year until 2012 to accelerate the spiritual evolution.

This massive transition that is to usher in 2012 has been prophesied by saints and mystics of the past as also modern day scientists and philosophers, concerned with collective human evolution. All the modern day research findings as well as prophecies of the past point out to a singular fact that the energies in this planet at this point of time are most highly conducive for a collective leap in consciousness in 2012.

Sacred literature and scriptures of Hinduism and many other faiths point out that in such a conducive period would occur the descent of great Avatars who would catalyse the process of human evolution. Sri Amma Bhagavan’s existence on this planet at this time is one of the greatest forms of benediction to all humanity, as it is the fulfilment of all that a man has been seeking for ages.

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