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Why Is The Oneness Temple So Powerful?

Why Is The Oneness Temple So Powerful?

A great spiritual resurgence is sweeping all across India and the rest of the world as quiet preparations have been going on by many spiritual people with a connection to the divine energies to energize and evolve all of humanity. The efforts of such evolved ones are designed to make us gradually fit to unfold the Divine within ourselves, with much less effort than has been historically necessary.

As Catherine Ponder so eloquently said, "Prayer is the most effective method of renewal and transformation, because in prayer humankind associates with God and not with the problem." Hence, mankind over the centuries, in an effort to associate with God and not the problems, has built magnificent places of worship to house the divine energies and vibrations, and as a place of renewal and transformation for an ordinary person who could come from any part of the world or any walk of life, and amplify the energies and power of his or her prayers to heal or manifest.

Sri N.K.V Krishna (Krishnaji), Srimathi Preeta Krishna, (son and daughter-in-law respectively of Sri Amma Padmavathi, and Sri Bhagavan Kalki), the Acharyas and Guides of Oneness have organized an auspicious occasion of "Consecration of the Oneness Temple", on April 22nd, 2008, the Oneness Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India, (about 80 kms north of Chennai.) The actual consecration ceremony was performed after the midnight of 21st April, 2008, Indian Time, in time to get ready for the surging crowds with early morning light. The Oneness Temple was a culmination of a divine vision of Sri Bhagavan, and later that of Sri Krishnaji who conceived it a decade ago.

Sri Krishnaji - seated on the chair (Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan's son) - Many may remember him for transferring a Golden Ball as a twelve year old to Acharya Samadarshini and Enlightening her! It was Krishnaji who handled a bulk of the overseeing of the Temple Construction.

The Oneness Temple is a magnificent three-floor marble structure many times the size of the Taj Mahal, adorned with marble spires and balconies, its centerpiece being the "Golden Ball of Divine Grace" - an actual physical ball of gold in a beautiful base that frames it - that is charged with Divine Energy that induces the necessary neurobiological brain-changes creating higher levels of enlightened consciousness.

The mere statistics of this temple and the inauguration were astounding by normal temple construction standards. An architectural marvel, taking six years to construct, at a reported expense of over 500 crore rupees (crore is an Indian term for ten million) all from contributions from people all over the world, it is a temple based in Hindu traditions, but secular in its vision, open to people of all religious denominations and nationalities. It includes the largest hall without pillars in all of Asia, an enormous 22,500 square feet of a meditation hall where 8,000 Cosmic Beings with very high vibrations in a cosmic state of consciousness, would meditate to purposefully influence the morphogenetic fields across the earth. As with most sacred places of worship in India, it is designed as a microcosm that contains the macrocosm. The sanctum of the temple is a miniature womb of divinity and its towering presence encapsulating a Cosmic Personae. A temple designed to usher in a state of gentle, relaxed openness to make each person more effective, as we open ourselves to an evolutionary force that is so much bigger than anything we have ever known. What is coming out in terms of energy of transformation of humanity from this structure and its surroundings is truly unimaginable, and will not easily fit into the spiritual and intellectual boxes most of us have defined for ourselves.

The throngs of people that wished to be a part of the first day celebrations and partake of the divine blessings from Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, the divine collective consciousness that manifested as an Avatar (Ava is Sanskrit for that which descended from higher realms of existence, and Tara refers to the divine energy or radiant star consciousness) defied any expectations. There were hundreds of thousands gathered to witness, participate, and take back to their homes and families the divine blessings, and by the evening the crowds were perhaps close to a million people who reached there, or were stuck on the roads trying to reach the temple.

The Inauguration functions that were supposed to go on throughout the week were postponed till a more opportune time. However, Bhagavan has assured that anyone who wished to come will receive His full Grace whether or not they entered the Oneness Temple.


The Divine Energies and Collective Consciousness of Avatars, Cosmic Beings, Acharyas, Monks and Those Who Come To Pray:

Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan Seated Inside the Temple On April 22nd


Golden Ball of Divine Grace Was Energized By Amma Bhagavan -

Golden Ball Was Made By Devotees In Kerala

Now Removed From Public View For Safe Keeping Till Temple Reopens

Sri Amma and her consort Sri Bhagavan are the primary figures that inspire a grand vision of collective human evolution to an enlightened state, and beyond into Oneness to usher in a truly Golden Age for mankind. This is a truly monumental task but envisioned not as not a passive event, but as a co-creative act.

The Cosmic Beings who anchor the energies that are spreading through the world, the Acharyas, Dasajis (Dasa is someone in divine service, and ji is a mark of respect in India) and Deeksha Givers are instrumental in tapping such divine energies and making them available. The humans who walk through the temple in such a powerful vortex of energy have their subtle body and physical body transformed, or set on road to positive and profound transformations.

2. Vision, Sense of Unique purpose, and Timing:

The "Enlightenment of Mankind" as a whole is a vision that was never ever incorporated in any religious stream of thought, or articulated so boldly and openly. There is a unique sense of purpose in the construction of this Oneness Temple with such an aim. Most sacred places of worship appear to lack the sense of urgency of this movement as the prevailing thought was that only a few among each generation will attain the higher states of consciousness, and typically most Gurus in India and elsewhere were content to just enlighten a few chosen ones. To empower the humans everywhere no matter what the background, what the training, or the depth of spiritual aspirations, this temple stands unparalleled in history as to its sense of unique purpose.

The timing of the 2012 predictions, of a transformation of the humans is also unique in known history. The convergence of many traditions from the ancient Mayan prophesies to the modern day guidance offered by Sri Bhagavan and his close associates portend a truly remarkable and powerful transition.

What A Perfect Shot! Golden Energies Streaming Through!
It is as if the heavenly light that descended into the Golden Ball also resides in these domes of the Temple!

3. Location of Oneness Temple, Golden City, and Ley Lines:

The place called Golden City, as Varadayapalem, Chittoor District, in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, has come to be affectionately called is famous as a place where many sages have meditated a long time ago. The spiritual and romantic belief is that these places radiate back the energy from all the people who have trodden these mystical, religious or spiritual paths since time began. Such holy places, generally are along the rivers, and/or some hills or mountains which are believed to be on planetary geo-magnetic ley lines. Although the knowledge existed in quite a few civilizations from ancient times in some form or the other, ley lines or dragon lines are one of the most enduring earth mysteries.

Major prehistoric structures of importance can frequently be found to occupy locations where two or more leys intersect with each other. It is also believed that many ancient groves, worshipped by the Druids, sit upon ley lines. An article in New Scientist magazine, published in 1987, suggested that species as diverse as pigeons, whales, bees and even bacteria can navigate using the earth's magnetic field. When these ley lines shift whales are said to beach themselves as their guidance systems have gone haywire. It has been claimed that birds, fish and animals use these lines as compasses, helping them find direction back to breeding grounds and to warmer climates during winter months.

Ley lines are "alignments and patterns of powerful, invisible earth energy said to connect various sacred sites, such as churches, temples, stone circles, megaliths, holy wells, burial sites, and other locations of spiritual or magical importance". (Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience). In China, they are known as Dragon Currents, in Ireland as Fairy Paths, in the Americas as Serpent Power, as Line of Songs of Aborigines in Australia, while in England, the ley line systems are referred to simply as the Old Straight Track. The general belief is that ancient civilizations were aware of these cosmic lines under the earth and sought to build sacred structures along them in order to tap into their magical properties.

Generally it is believed that electro-magnetic fields can affect the body and mind. Midpoints are important as they are the intersections between competing spheres of influence called covenant points. Noted world-wide for its high concentration of active energy and power, these places are where vortices exist. As per Kathie Dame-Glerum who wrote extensively on ley lines and Earth's power spots, a vortex is a high concentration of energy, a receiving station for direct influences - by definition, a state resembling a whirlpool. It is surrounded by grids where ley lines share a common point of intersection. Some compare the vortex areas to acupressure points on the body, while grids can be compared to the nervous system. At the point where these are concentrated, such as in Sedona, Arizona, in US, emotions are heightened, making it possible for a person to bring out long-held emotional patterns and work on releasing them. Things happen at these points first - on the earth's body as well as on our own. Together, they form a sacred geometric pattern across the earth with universal repercussions.

Vortices are either electric (masculine energy, which shoots outwards as a portal to the cosmos) or magnetic (feminine energy, which attracts and draws the energies towards and into the earth). Like attracts like; therefore, electrical vortices will be connected via ley lines or electrical currents to other electrical vortices. In Sedona, the Bell Rock and Airport Mesa vortices are connected to other major electrical vortices on Mt. Everest, Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey and Mt. McKinley (Denali) in Alaska. The magnetic vortex at Cathedral Rock is connected to the major magnetic vortex of Glastonbury Tor in Britain, another recognized site of great regeneration.

As Kathie Dame-Glerum points out, as one meditates in any of the vortices, one is tapping into a universal energy pattern of astounding magnitude. The key seems to lie in certain sound combinations the level of intensity altered by tone and pitch reverberating throughout the universal ley line system: in humming or toning, as reported by guides in certain chambers of the Great Pyramids; in the legendary song of the Sirens; the vibrations of the "OM" chant combining with the human magnetism of the group resounding in a universal spirit of love and healing that is physically felt. The lines themselves become animated during certain seasons of the year by a vital force, a rejuvenating influence that can be drawn through the earth. And the direction of its flow varies with the phases of the moon. When this kind of powerful resonance occurs, as many are aware, balls of golden light are seen floating and flitting above such areas. Prime examples in the western world are the fields in Avebury area of England - particularly around a hill known as "Golden Ball Hill". Glastonbury is another example of a place where golden balls have been seen by people. The Oneness Univercity, the Golden City and the Oneness Temple sit on such powerful ley lines that amplify the vibration, creating a powerful vortex that amplifies the intentions, prayers of those participating, and the resulting blessings.


Oneness Temple At Night - Minimal Lighting


Credit for Photos and Personal Note of Thanks: There have been many including Sri Guru Singhji Khalsa (See his websites: http://www.gurusingh.com/ and The Guru Singh Global Community http://global.gurusingh.com/), Jonas Lindqvist (Global Oneness); and few others I do not even know the names of, to credit and thank for the photos here. Thanks also go out to Rosemarie Komossa, Deeksha Giver from Kiel, Germany, who helped in the process of getting permissions, and those whose writings or inspiration over a long time have directly or indirectly assisted me.

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