Monday, June 16, 2008

Bhagvan Answers on What is this Mukti?

What is this Mukti?

There are a lot of problems in the world, different kinds of problems.... What this Movement is saying is, ‘The Self is the cause of all sufferings.' The feeling of ‘I', from this all problems arise, ultimately it leads to wars and all kind of human problems. If problems have to vanish then the ‘I' must go away. For the ‘I' to vanish, you must be enlightened. So, this is the whole purpose of Mukti Deeksha.

For you to get enlightened we don't give any teachings or sadhanas or anything like that. We just give Deeksha and this Deeksha is a 3 minute process. When we give Deeksha, it'll be like a mild electric shock in the brain. Brain is divided into 16 zones, in that 8 are positive and 8 are negative. When the Deeksha is given the negative zones will be first activated. When this happens, there is a positive change in that person. For him the feeling of ‘I' is erased. He will be able to feel the love for everybody and automatically he'll want to help others. The people undergoing this process are here for 15 days. There is a change in the senses after the process. There is a change in the physical perception after the process. There won't be any divisive feeling that I am an American, Indian, I am great... nothing. There is a feeling of being one with everything. So this is done without much effort and there is no such thing anywhere in the world. So far it has never happened like this before on this planet.

Until now man has only been exposed to teachings, rituals, and techniques by the various existing systems. But actually nothing will happen when you do all this. Here you come in morning and leave in evening. Everyday programme goes on and by 5.00 pm they are enlightened. When you speak to the people you will know. This is not only for literates, it's for anybody. Anybody can get this state. Many people are in this state in Varadaypalem village, they have received Mukthi Deeksha. They are ordinary people.... farmers, labourers... These people are in fully enlightened state. If you speak to them you will see Ramana, Buddha. One week ago they were farmers.... Anybody in the world can talk to them and we'll see Ramana, Buddha. If you see them you will be stunned.... How are they speaking? The Gyana comes directly from the state. So like this everyday, every week, we are transforming people. The defect with all the nations is there are a lot of problems. There are problems because of divisions. Take a village; there will be castes, classes, upper and lower... If a number of people become enlightened, the rest will be automatically enlightened. Then these divisions will be gone, then the whole village will become one family and there will be no caste, everybody will be co-operating, everybody will be sharing. That is how we are solving problems. If this continues, the whole country will be covered. So we will cover the country by 2010 or 2012. Then there will be a great change in the country and this will happen in other nations also. When such changes come, economic problems, political problems, any kind of problems will not exist. This is what is called "Swarna Yugam" or "Golden Age".

On the other hand we are doing healings, this is happening in our Nemam Ashram. So, for problems we give Vara Deeksha, for Eg: In Andhra, a lady's tongue was cut because of cancer. Here that tongue grows, we have evidences also. So like this we are continuously doing many miracles. Poor people who cannot go to hospital can be healed here, and they can be cured. So, those who cannot study well, if they come they can study well. Similarly family disputes, divorce, if they come to us, we set it right for them in 2 days. If the husband beats the wife, we change the husband; he becomes very loving with his wife. Immediately transformation is occurring. Children who would not obey parents are also transformed. Guarantee change, how we do is? In 2,3 day's family relation will change, if they don't study we will change their thought patterns. This brings success in business, education, so the society changes. On the other hand they are enlightened (Mukthi). That is how this movement is going.

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Contemplative Questions

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