Thursday, June 19, 2008

Manisha Koirala Talks About Oneness University

ManishaKoirala Bollywood Actress

Scottish actor Gerard Butler seeks help from Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala to preserve his knowledge about spiritual healing.Chennai’s Oneness University, which aims to put every individual in touch with his faith through spiritual guidance, has become the hub of international celebrity attention. Demi Moore is a regular visitor and Butler went there too.But Butler, who has acted in films like ‘300′ and ‘The Phantom’, didn’t know how to retain the knowledge of healing for a long period, so he rang up Manisha, a spiritual comrade, for help.

The ‘Bombay’ and ‘Dil Se’ star has been attending courses regularly at the university and proved to be of great help to the Hollywood actor.’Yes, Gerard did talk to me on his way back from the Oneness University in Chennai where I’ve been visiting and attending courses regularly. He was happy to be there. But worried that once you leave the university, the teachings and the spiritual aura would just evaporate,’ Manisha.

Manisha, who’s heavily into spiritualism, gave the actor some invaluable information on how to preserve inner peace even when not at the venue.’A close Danish filmmaker friend told me about the Oneness University. I checked out the university and loved its environment and teachings. I decided to stay away from public life and focus on my spiritualism,’ says Manisha.’In fact, the man I’m seeing right now is also very spiritual. At this stage, I needed a companion who’d share my passion for spiritualism. I’m trying to get him interested in the Oneness course.’Manisha says, ‘All my life I’ve been a seeker. I’ve been trying to find inner peace through travel and books. The Oneness course solved all the questions on life and existence.’

She admits that of late the roles being offered to her have not been interesting enough.’I wanted to focus on other aspects of life. This Oneness course has changed my life completely. I’ve become so much calmer and more focused.Her next plan is to direct a film. In fact, she recently went to New York University to learn editing and direction.’I know I have it in me. Some day soon I’ll direct a film. But it has to be a natural process. I won’t persuade myself to do anything I don’t believe in. I never have. I’ve been approached by some responsible producers and I might just take the plunge.’


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