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Synchronizing the left and right brain: SAHASRARA CHAKRA DHYANA

Written by Manikanta Rao
Did you know that the different sides of the brain control different human traits?

In the past, a Neurologist named Roger Sperry won a Nobel Prize for demonstrating that the right and left hemispheres play distinct but complimentary roles in the human brain.

Scientific studies have shown that the right brain and the left brain have different effects on the way we think and act. Also, one side of the brain is more predominant than the other, leading to preferences in behavior. Let's take a quick look at the characteristics produced by the right brain and the left brain.

Right Brain: The right brain controls the artistic abilities of a person. A person with a predominant right brain over the left brain will be more artistic, creative and spontaneous.
Left Brain: On the other hand, a person with a more active left brain as compared to the right brain will be more logical, precise, verbal, mathematical, analytical and controlled.
In our schools today, more emphasis is given to Left Brain Activities like math, logic, spelling, and related activities as compared to right brain activities. We can however, influence development of both sides of the brain equally by introducing the child to more right brain activities alongside with the more traditional logic, math and spelling activities. Right Brain Activities involve a lot of visuals, patterns, fluidity, role playing and imagination.
Synchronizing the left and right brain: SAHASRARA CHAKRA DHYANA
Invoke the presence of Sri Amma Bhagavan
Close your eyes and focus your attention on the crown region of the head.(i.e. Sahasrara Chakra)
Chant the Moola Manthra 7 times
Stay in silence for 5 minutes
Observe the flow of energy along the crown region of the head.
Deeply and slowly inhale & deeply and slowly exhale for 5 minutes.
Now remove your attention from sahasrara chakra, bring back your breathing to the normal.
Slowly open your eyes.
Relax yourself for one minute and get back to your regular activities.
This practice will help you to obtain whole brain brilliance by synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

For further reading regarding left brain activities, right brain activities and whole brain brilliance, please see this site :

Forever at the Lotus Feet of Sri Amma Bhagavan,

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