Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amma Bhagvan Songs Bhajans List In Hindi Telugu

Namaste Amma Bhagvan Sharanam
Here is list of Amma bhagvan songs and bhajans which we used to listen at oneness university.

Listen form here, and enjoy the unconditional joy and happiness

अम्मा भगवन भजन और गानों की यादी.
भजनस इन हिंदी। bhajans in hindi
  1. मूल मंत्रा - Mool mantra - listen here.

  2. मूल मंत्रा spanich version also Watch on youtube Spanich version of mool mantra

  3. मेरे मन मंदीर मे - mere man mandir mai

  4. आवो रे भगवन हमें दर्शन दे दो । Aawo rai bhagvan hame darshan dai doo

  5. कोई बोले अमा अमा कोई बोले राधे श्याम । koi bole amma amma koi bole radhe shyam

  6. दया तेरी कृपा तेरी । daya teri krupa teri sharan mai teri aaye hai

  7. है नाथ अब तो एसी कृपा हो॥ Hai Naat Aab too aisi krupa hoo॥

  8. आशा ही तो जीवन हैं। aasha hee to jeevan hai

  9. Mukthidham Mai aawo..

  10. Sapano mai kyo rahate hoo, Amma Bholi Amma..

  11. Namaste Namaste Tapoyogya Damya

  12. Prananath Prabhu

  13. Gurur Bramha Gurur Vishnu Mp3 Format Download

I will keep editing this page every week, ie every week this list of songs grows, any one wants to share their list of songs, or want to add their songs in this list please do comment and put your links in comments, I will update that link in main list here.

"Om Sachidaananda Parabrahmaa
Purushottama Paramaatma
Sri Bhagawati Sameta
Sri Bhagawate Namaha "

Thank you Amma Bhagvan.

Soon I will provide download link to all above songs..stay tuned here..


  1. i don't know who is doing this but i like this blog, i appreciate ur effort in updating the site.

    thank u very much for the info

  2. Hai Mahender thanks for your comment, I am doing it for you all; I miss Amma Bhagvan Songs and Bhajans, so thought of updating it online, so that i can listen it from anywhere. thanks

  3. Hi.. Thnx for sharing amma bhagavan songs in telugu..But i couldn't listen them online..Can you tell me the way how to listen them or Can i download them ??

    amma bhagavan sharanam

  4. Hai Lathangi; if you click on the songs it will direct you to another link where you can listen songs online you need to press on play button.

  5. Hi Bhagwat, ur doing great job, carry on u will reap sweet fruits for ur deeds, thanks

  6. HI Mahender Thanks for your love and comments, keep visiting this blog for latest updates and do tell your friends also about this work. Thank you amma bhagvan sharanam.

  7. Namaste Amma Bhagawan Sharanam . I Like This Bhajan Very Much,Can U Send Me Mail How Can I Download It ?

  8. Namaste
    Sri Amma Bhagawan Sharanam

    I used to visit different websites for latest update from oneness but this blogspot gives me complete resouces and information about it,so whenever i get time,it forces me to open,because i can't live without opening it.Now i am listening Bhajan and songs from my office too, so thanks a lot to owner of this blogspot.
    Kranti kishore

  9. Thanks for your wishes kranti kishor, I got some more songs, will be publishing soon, not getting time..
    Thank you Amma Bhagvan for your love.

  10. thanks for ur amma bhagavan collection....

    u r doing a great jo for all

    jobi vergeese

  11. thank u for ur collections.........

    u r doing very great job ji''''''''''''''''''''

  12. Please tell me how to download all these bhaghans , i like them very much . Please help me .

  13. Hai friend... pls add tamil bhajans of amma bhagavan also.. i could not get new songs...


  14. Dont cheat peoples. As per scripture kalki avatar is after many thousend years. Your amma bhagawan are cheating peoples. If they are god why they are getting old, why they need money, why they need medicines. Can they lift himalayas,. If not they are real wolves.
    below are the quality of god as per hindu scriptures

    Jñāna (Omniscience), defined as the power to know about all beings simultaneously;
    Aishvarya (Sovereignty, derived from the word Ishvara), which consists in unchallenged rule over all;
    Shakti (Energy), or power, which is the capacity to make the impossible possible;
    Bala (Strength), which is the capacity to support everything by will and without any fatigue;
    Vīrya (Vigor), or valour which indicates the power to retain immateriality as the supreme being in spite of being the material cause of mutable creations; and
    Tejas (Splendor), which expresses his self-sufficiency and the capacity to overpower everything by his spiritual effulgence; (cited from Bhakti Schools of Vedanta, by Swami Tapasyānanda.)
    A second set of six characteristics are
    Jñāna (Omniscience),
    Vairagya (Detachment),
    Yashas (Fame),
    Aishvarya (Sovereignty, derived from the word Ishvara),
    Srī (Glory) and
    Dharma (Righteousness).

    tell me what quality they posses.

  15. oh Tasha... if u dnt hv a faith its ok... bt dnt judge anybody. u dnt hv a right to judge.. and dear idiot friend,u dnt know the truth... u go with ur scriptures, bt we are with your God how is in the scriptures... Amma and Bhagawan r nt claiming tht ther r God, bcoz no need to say... come and experience...

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  17. Please also add my fav bhajan which is Prahu mere dil mein prem bhar do har pal teri seva ho... Thanks Rupa


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