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Amma Bhagvan's The 100 Villages Project

what is The 100 Villages Project?

Five years ago this was a notorious area. It was acclaimed for every form of anti- social activity. Drinking, wife beating, physical strife, corruption, communal feud and every conceivable brutality were rampant here. When we first stepped on the soil, people surrounded the vehicle and issued a warning to quit the place. They were dead against any reformist invasion into their dominion. The well- wishers admonished us saying that we were landing ourselves into very deep trouble. However this was the land that was destined.

In a short time the world head-quarters for the Oneness Movement was inaugurated at the foot hills of Velikonda Range, Siddharanyam; the mountain range that envelops the Varadaiahpalem Mandal with in itself. Worldwide people call it 'The Golden City'.

The next two years served as a preparation for launching 'the Oneness Blessing'. The year 2003 saw regular Oneness Blessing programs at the premises of the Oneness University, Golden city. Here scores of villagers who were already awakened to their inner truth through regular spiritual classes came seeking for a higher state of consciousness and communion with the divine. A spiritual revolution was in the reckoning.

A significant day in the history of Varadaiahpalem was August 24th 2005. Sri Bhagavan addressed over three thousand villagers who had assembled to receive Oneness Blessing in His presence. The call for awakening was renting the air.

Sri Bhagavan's message on that eventful day

If the world has to make its transit into the Golden Age, then India must have made it. For this nation to make it, 100 villages must make it to awakening. And you are the people belonging to these 100 villages. The day you become one family a year from thence this nation would be a different place. Therefore the work of transforming this nation and the world lies in your hands.

Though global transformation is their vision, Amma and Bhagavan are focused on the 75,000 odd people who live around them. As enunciated in Sri Bhagavan's message, these villages would be a power station transmitting awakening across the globe. The project to awaken these villagers began in right earnest in the June of 2006. An army of awakened guides and villagers are marching forth into every village giving Oneness Blessings. What is happening is a spectacle of grace. Saints and sages are being shaped out of ordinary men and women. Spiritual knowledge is not synonymous with the intellectual acumen of an individual. It reflects the evolution of one's consciousness.

Usually people realise the truth of their own belief through a direct experience. But what about these people whose consciousness is not contaminated by any philosophical thought? They speak what they 'see' - that which is a reality to them though they have no knowledge frames into which they could fit their experiences. 'Wisdom' or 'Gnosis' is a property of consciousness not the mind. Let us look into a few of them.

According to Sri Bhagavan, "Happiness is the index of development". When man is intrinsically happy, the society that he creates naturally exuberates a sense of co-operation and sharing. When man is unhappy he creates an environment, which is detrimental to the well being of the community. This truth is now being perceived in many a family in these surroundings. Miraculous de-addictions, family reunion, togetherness, respect for women, prosperity and higher standards of living, education have become the identity of this new emergent society. With a change of perception their lives too are changing. Breaking all parameters, Oneness Blessing is reaching out to the most unreachable quarter in the planet in terms of social, economic or intellectual dispositions. Their gleaming faces are beacons of hope for mankind.

source onenessuniversity.org

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Contemplative Questions

Here is a set of questions that would provoke you and put you through some soul searching. They are not about religion nor about ethics. They are merely about you.

They are not meant to serve as solutions nor are they meant to lead you anywhere. These questions are meant to serve as tools to discovering yourself.

1) Do you perceive the Presence of a benevolent force guiding, protecting and shaping your life? What name do you give that Presence? When did you best feel this Presence?

2) What is your opinion of God? Is your opinion drawn from religion, books, parents and or your personal experience of life?

3) Do you pray? Do they get answered? How often?

4) Do you think it is possible to relate to the Divine? What relationship would you opt?

5) Here is a story for you - Two fierce enemies once did a penance to placate god and receive boons vying with each other. God appeared to the first man and asked what he wanted. He said "give me twice of whatever you give my enemy". Then God appeared to the second one. Even before God could say anything he asked, "God, would you please tell me what my enemy asked for? On knowing his prayer request, he said, "then God, blind me in one eye."
Now what would you wish for yourself, your best friend and your worst enemy if God gave you a chance?

6) Have you ever experienced a coincidence or chance that seems to have involved so many people and factors that you can't stop wondering if a mastermind was behind this operation? If yes, do you savour the experience often and have you shared it with someone close to you?