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TEAM150-Amma Bagavan Changed My Worst To Best

Dear Friends,
TEAM150 does wonders in many youths life, whoever follows and implements the TEAM150 teachings tremendous miracles are happening in their life, forwarding here with Sri.Shobanbabuji's miracle and experience.
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Namesthe ,
These are some of the things that my amma bagavan shared with me .After this my life got changed.
The things that amma bagavan taught me is .
*Love yourself
*Love other as you love yourself.
*Let GoD
If you have problem it means you are creating problem to others.
I followed these principles Amma Bagavan changed my worst to Best.
Today I don't have any problems. Amma Bagavan changed my worst to Best.
I want to share you some amazing miracles that God has done.There are so many miracles i am sharing only a few. ( Wherever i specify GoD it is Amma Bagavan)
a) I came to know God in the year 1996 that Time i finished my 12th STD ,I Scored very Less Marks in Maths.I got only 80 marks out of 200.I joined Diploma ,There God Made me the Topper in Mathematics .I scored cent um in Two Maths Papers and I got the third rank.God changed my worst to Best
b) IN 1999 i joined engineering .Due to Relationship problem with my Parents .I didn't study well.I had 18 arrears.I began to set right the relationship with my parents ,Then I appeared in the exams i cleared all the 18 papers and Got 70%(arrears paper %) and came in top ten rank for that semester.I scored 89%(regular) in that semester alone.Again God changed my worst to Best.
c) In 2002 i was searching for job like anything.I didn't Get a Good Job .I was even working for 1000rs pm.I had a thought that i cannot do anything.(Let Go).
I tried in almost all software companies like Infosys,TCS,CTS.IBM ,Covansys but i didnt get any job.I promised GOd that i will give 10% of my income to him ever month
I Let GoD on the second day on April 2003 I got a JoB in a software company For ,salary of 15,000 pm.From that day to today i began to give GoD 10% of my income to GoD.I
Again God changed my worst to Best.
d)In january 2006 i asked amma bagavan that i want a change in my career .I prayed to him that i want to work in a Big MNC company and i told him that i will work for any number of Hours.but i need a job in a big MNC.Exactly after one week God Gave me a Offer in a Good MNC . God exactly answered my prayer.I that company i was forced to work for more than 18 hrs a day(Be aware when you pray to GoD he will give you exactly what you want).Again God changed my worst to Best.
e)In 10 September 2006 was my marriage .I asked 3 weeks leave in my office for marriage.But they gave me only one quit that job.this was 10 days before marriage.This time i was aware with my prayers to GoD i asked him i need a Job where i can come home within 7 PM.and they should give me 14 days leave for my Mahadeeksha.exactly from 3 september onwards i got daily two offers .from almost all companies Infosys,TCS,CTS.IBM .These are the companies who rejected me before.Now I decided to reject these companies offers and waiting for a job i want exactly I got a offer from D&B. They told that they will give 2 months time to join the JOB.By this time Marriage was over and i attended MahaDeeksha.Again God changed my worst to Best.
f)After joining this company i was not able to meet the expectations .One of my Project Manager was unhappy with me .So i decided to quit this company.At this time only i joined in Sri Sabariji TEAM150,attended TEAM150 meetings and started following TEAM150 teachings.The great miracle happened, in the same company one of my Delivery manger did not take my resignation and he sent me to Dubai to work for my company's valuable client.every one told him that he has done a mistake in choosing me.In January 2008 i came to Dubai .Two months went.My client sent a mail to our office heads that i am one of the best resource that D&B has .In april 2008 i Got the best performer award from my Company. Again God changed my worst to Best.
After all these experiences slowly Happiness came into my life.Today I don't have any problem.I would be the happiest man in the world.GOD has given me every thing in abundance.
I have a Happy family & friends.
Today i search for problems but i could find any.There is only happiness.
If you have Good relationship with family and people .And if you contribute and share things with others.And Let God in your Life .
And the Final thing is the Faith in the Lord.God will change your worst to best.
I followed the four secrets reveled by the Lord.After that i became more powerful .And i discovered that i am the creator of my own experience.whether Good or Bad
I began to Feel Good.I followed the Law of attraction.And Lord Began to manifest My desire one by one.
Today i don't Pray to God for fulfilling my desires.I only thank God who has taught me to fulfill my desires.
Thanks to the Lord who has changed my worst to best.
Thanks to Oneness Guides .
Thanks to my Family members.
Thanks to My friends.
Thanks to All the people who have helped me to come up in life.
The massive growth in my life only after knowing and implementing the secret of Contribution , Secret of Setting right the relationship and Law of attraction.
Thanks & Regards,
Shoban Babu.S
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With Love

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Contemplative Questions

Here is a set of questions that would provoke you and put you through some soul searching. They are not about religion nor about ethics. They are merely about you.

They are not meant to serve as solutions nor are they meant to lead you anywhere. These questions are meant to serve as tools to discovering yourself.

1) Do you perceive the Presence of a benevolent force guiding, protecting and shaping your life? What name do you give that Presence? When did you best feel this Presence?

2) What is your opinion of God? Is your opinion drawn from religion, books, parents and or your personal experience of life?

3) Do you pray? Do they get answered? How often?

4) Do you think it is possible to relate to the Divine? What relationship would you opt?

5) Here is a story for you - Two fierce enemies once did a penance to placate god and receive boons vying with each other. God appeared to the first man and asked what he wanted. He said "give me twice of whatever you give my enemy". Then God appeared to the second one. Even before God could say anything he asked, "God, would you please tell me what my enemy asked for? On knowing his prayer request, he said, "then God, blind me in one eye."
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