Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is Oneness University And its Goals

Vision of Oneness "TO SET HUMANITY TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY FREE" is the vision of the Founders of Oneness Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. Freedom to them is not a one stop destination but a never ending unfolding in consciousness. This journey in consciousness is however punctuated with certain evolutionary milestones.
At the outset, Oneness is concerned about creating human beings who are focused on growth. Life essentially being a journey, the destinations we create are very significant.

The Universe conspires to bring to you that on which you are focused.

It is based on this law that Oneness seeks to create individuals who are growth oriented, be it in the field of business or profession, relationships or a spiritual evolution.

Oneness does not Divide

Oneness has a unitary view of life and hence does not divide as the material and the spiritual. Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan do not see the material and the spiritual worlds as being in opposition to each other. They are but complementary sides. They do not see a demarcation between the two. Since it requires same tenacious application and deeper insights into oneself, the laws governing the universe and the nature of life itself to create growth either in the sensex or in one's consciousness.

Poverty and prosperity begin with thought. Ignorance or insights also begin with thought.

For a change let us discuss the first issue. Consciousness reflects the stands you take. If you seek to create abundance, begin with shifting your perceptions, your emotions, and your attitudes to the individual situations, to people around and to the world at large. An internal shift is the first requisite towards manifesting an external change in the desired directions. It is from this state of awakened intelligence that constructive action springs forth.

What about growth in relationships?
Are not relationships the primary reason for why we do what we do, be the most heroic of acts or the most heinous. It is our desire to move closer or to move away that prompts us into life's varied activities.

Where do I begin if not with myself?

Your relationship with yourself needs to heal before it heals with others. The broken fragments of your unaccepted self need to come together to experience oneness within yourself. In this state of Oneness your war with yourself is over. You are at peace with yourself.
Friendship is the best form of relationship.

Once at peace with yourself, you also become capable of befriending others. Egocentric relationships give way to connectedness. Interactions are no more battles that reflect rigidity and incapacity of feeling but become playfields sporting ease, freedom and flexibility. Judgment gives way to compassion. You are experiencing friendship in every relationship. This is Oneness with the other.
Oneness aims at creating a new generation of human beings who care for all life on earth.

Psychologically we are inseparable from the rest of humanity, also from all the beings on the earth and the sea. Every individual who awakens to oneness automatically impacts several thousands of beings, helping them grow towards a greater experience of reality; and to discover newer ways of living and loving. You create a better planet for the present and the future.

This is our shared destiny.


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Contemplative Questions

Here is a set of questions that would provoke you and put you through some soul searching. They are not about religion nor about ethics. They are merely about you.

They are not meant to serve as solutions nor are they meant to lead you anywhere. These questions are meant to serve as tools to discovering yourself.

1) Do you perceive the Presence of a benevolent force guiding, protecting and shaping your life? What name do you give that Presence? When did you best feel this Presence?

2) What is your opinion of God? Is your opinion drawn from religion, books, parents and or your personal experience of life?

3) Do you pray? Do they get answered? How often?

4) Do you think it is possible to relate to the Divine? What relationship would you opt?

5) Here is a story for you - Two fierce enemies once did a penance to placate god and receive boons vying with each other. God appeared to the first man and asked what he wanted. He said "give me twice of whatever you give my enemy". Then God appeared to the second one. Even before God could say anything he asked, "God, would you please tell me what my enemy asked for? On knowing his prayer request, he said, "then God, blind me in one eye."
Now what would you wish for yourself, your best friend and your worst enemy if God gave you a chance?

6) Have you ever experienced a coincidence or chance that seems to have involved so many people and factors that you can't stop wondering if a mastermind was behind this operation? If yes, do you savour the experience often and have you shared it with someone close to you?