Friday, February 6, 2009

Success Mantra Answer by Sri Bhagavan

Q) What is the easiest way to get your grace and how would you like your Bhakthas to be?

"Answer by Sri Bhagavan: See, all that I want is, you have to just ask. When you ask you should not say simply – Bhagavan, Bhagavan…that is no use. How do you see Bhagavan - that is the question. Do you see him as a father or a brother or a friend or a son, whatever you want you have to put it in that framework and then there must be that actual feeling that you have towards your father and brother, know. The same feeling must be there. Thereafter it can either be a prayer or it can be an asking or a command, anything, that's not so important.

But is there a bond? You might be very good people but if you don't have a bond you don't get it. So, bond is the secret, emotion should be there. When we say there is a bond, what we mean is there is emotion. Emotion is the telephone line between you and Bhagavan. If there is no emotion, the telephone line is cut. It doesn't work well."
4 things to ask yourself before you can succeed.

State of mind: - This is the word I want you to ingrain into your consciousness before you start reading this article. We are the decisions we make, we are our attitudes and our ambitions - and how diluted these are, or how strong they are; are totally dependent on us. If you have lived through life tripping over your own failures that seem to come at you thick and thin, then it's time to stop and think. It's time to re-assess what you are doing and rewrite your life story so that you can let go of your failures. This article will outline 4 things to ask yourself before you can succeed.

Do you have a plan? Life is a strategy. Success is a road you must build yourself to punch through the thickening thickets of failures that seem to grow around you. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you happy where you are? What do you plan to do with your life right now that will ensure that you will be happier later on? Come on; it's time to stop floundering around, almost drowning in a sea of disappointment and start the first stroke to that palm tree island of serenity. Have a plan. Look at your finances, look at your relationships, look at yourself. If you are going astray then it's time to correct your course.

Is there something stopping you? Is a past experience or a fear making you hold back? Psychologists all over the world agree that the biggest inertia to succeed that afflicts a lot of people is bad experiences that affect them consciously or subconsciously. Bad experiences can shape our subconscious into the hammer that just keeps banging away at us. It's time to take control of your life and stop letting the past hold you down.

Is there a part of your life that is constantly holding you back? How creative are you in solving this problem yet still being buoyant in life? This is another way to assess your life. It could be your job that is slowly killing you or a 'so-called' friend that seems to always be bringing you down. Carve away at that section of your life and leave it behind. Then and only then can you move forward.

It's time to look at a newer you. It's time for a change. Are you ready for that change? Every little thing you do can help to shape the new man or woman. Gaining confidence has an effect like a tiny snowball down a sharp cliff. Once you get going you can't stop. Wear new clothes, smile more at people, smile at yourself in the mirror. A new you is symbolic both physically an mentally - and it is just the push in the right direction you need.

You are the most important person in the world and you cannot afford to hold on to your failures. Ask yourself this, who is the person that can help you most? The answer should be obvious

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Contemplative Questions

Here is a set of questions that would provoke you and put you through some soul searching. They are not about religion nor about ethics. They are merely about you.

They are not meant to serve as solutions nor are they meant to lead you anywhere. These questions are meant to serve as tools to discovering yourself.

1) Do you perceive the Presence of a benevolent force guiding, protecting and shaping your life? What name do you give that Presence? When did you best feel this Presence?

2) What is your opinion of God? Is your opinion drawn from religion, books, parents and or your personal experience of life?

3) Do you pray? Do they get answered? How often?

4) Do you think it is possible to relate to the Divine? What relationship would you opt?

5) Here is a story for you - Two fierce enemies once did a penance to placate god and receive boons vying with each other. God appeared to the first man and asked what he wanted. He said "give me twice of whatever you give my enemy". Then God appeared to the second one. Even before God could say anything he asked, "God, would you please tell me what my enemy asked for? On knowing his prayer request, he said, "then God, blind me in one eye."
Now what would you wish for yourself, your best friend and your worst enemy if God gave you a chance?

6) Have you ever experienced a coincidence or chance that seems to have involved so many people and factors that you can't stop wondering if a mastermind was behind this operation? If yes, do you savour the experience often and have you shared it with someone close to you?