Friday, March 27, 2009

Increase Your Wealth Consciousness Bhagvan Way

Increase Your Wealth Consciousness Bhagvan Way "Prosperity or poverty begins with thought" - Sri Amma Bhagavan

"It is not there in the fact but only in the perception of the fact" - Sri Amma Bhagavan

"When you are focused, all the things will fall in place"
- Sri Bhagavan

"Focus your attention only on the solutions but not on the problems" - Sri Bhagavan

"Change your perception, your responses to life and its situations changes" - Sri Krishnaji

"There is always abundance in the fact but there is lackedness only in one's individual perception" - Acharya Sri Samadarshini

Wealth consciousness is a thought process you develop over time. It encompasses all your ideas and attitudes about money and your ability to achieve wealth.
How have your thoughts developed regarding this over the years? Have you developed a sense that you deserve to achieve wealth and abundance in your life? Or, do you feel undeserving?

If you've developed a wealth consciousness that has convinced you that it's a struggle to achieve financial abundance, it's going to be extremely difficult for you attain any financial success.

These ideas you have regarding money were probably formulated when you were a child. Try thinking back to this time and see if you can remember what may have affected your attitudes. Did you hear your parents arguing over the fact that there was never enough money? Were your parents irresponsible and run up a lot of credit card debt? Or, was there always a sense of prosperity and abundance in your home?

If you always think that there's a shortage of money, you'll struggle to achieve financial abundance and wealth. You've developed a wealth consciousness of "lack". This causes you to put out a negative energy when it comes to your finances. It will cause you to make decisions that fulfill these feelings you have that you'll never have enough money to achieve the financial life you may desire.

You must change your wealth consciousness to one of abundance. You need to alter your attitudes and beliefs from a thought process that says there is a lack of money to one that tells you there is an abundance of it.
You can begin to make this change by listening to yourself when it comes to the subject of money and wealth. When you hear yourself thinking things like, "I don't have enough money to pay my bills", start to change them to thoughts like, "I can always pay my bills with plenty of money left over".This is the first step to creating wealth.

As you change your thinking, you begin to open yourself up to ideas that you can use in the real world to reverse your financial situation. As you take steps to think about better financial practices, your wealth consciousness changes to one of abundance. Over time, you'll see this change in consciousness manifest in your life.

Remember, Intent + Effort + Grace is the formula for becoming successful.You need to put consistent efforts in the right direction to gain wealth in the external world.

A Sincere Appeal : Recession is a natural calamity. It is merely a reflection of the global collective human consciousness. Let us raise our wealth consciousness individually as well as collectively. Please spread this message to as many people as you can and lets put sincere efforts so that there would be abundance manifestation everywhere in the external world.

Bhagvan is making me rich in this recession period also, why not you then? come be with Amma Bhagvan.

Thanks 2 Bhagvan for everything.

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Contemplative Questions

Here is a set of questions that would provoke you and put you through some soul searching. They are not about religion nor about ethics. They are merely about you.

They are not meant to serve as solutions nor are they meant to lead you anywhere. These questions are meant to serve as tools to discovering yourself.

1) Do you perceive the Presence of a benevolent force guiding, protecting and shaping your life? What name do you give that Presence? When did you best feel this Presence?

2) What is your opinion of God? Is your opinion drawn from religion, books, parents and or your personal experience of life?

3) Do you pray? Do they get answered? How often?

4) Do you think it is possible to relate to the Divine? What relationship would you opt?

5) Here is a story for you - Two fierce enemies once did a penance to placate god and receive boons vying with each other. God appeared to the first man and asked what he wanted. He said "give me twice of whatever you give my enemy". Then God appeared to the second one. Even before God could say anything he asked, "God, would you please tell me what my enemy asked for? On knowing his prayer request, he said, "then God, blind me in one eye."
Now what would you wish for yourself, your best friend and your worst enemy if God gave you a chance?

6) Have you ever experienced a coincidence or chance that seems to have involved so many people and factors that you can't stop wondering if a mastermind was behind this operation? If yes, do you savour the experience often and have you shared it with someone close to you?