Sunday, April 19, 2009

Health Progam and Course Fees Request to Bhagvan

The other day Mr. Sourabha asked me about Health program at Nemam course fees details. I have replied to him as,
The course at the Oneness University under the instruction of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma details here;
Oneness complete Health course Fees is
seven thousand,
You have to take DD(breakup will mail u if you are planning to go)

Also there is optional life supplement guide for 1000/- (which is worth to purchase)
This supplement is an outcome after 25yrs exp and research;

purpose of human life, Sri Bhagavan says, "The purpose of life is to live."To enjoy life you need to be in a state of well being-physical, emotional and spiritual. Wellness is not merely a state of good health but also an inner state of being. It is the experience of vitality, a desire to participate fully in life, take chances and have an internal state of joy-a state where you experience life completely.

The Oneness Health Course uses a three fold approach towards greater health and well being.

  1. Teachings and practices
  2. Healing systems
  3. Diet
I thought this was the best introduction for health course and he will get motivated to attend the course, but he did not replied back, then
today I was checking my comments box, and thought of sharing comments posted by one of devotee, which may be the reason that Mr. Sourabha did not replied back.

Ganesh: pranams to amma bhagwan recent times i had been seperated from you and your grace bcos of my destiny ,but sure you will give blessings to join dharma very soon .Thats a day is goldenage and golden day
Ganesh: pls pass on this request to the concern dasas , many new devotees and also old devotees feel that amount charging for attend homas and pujas, personal darshans is very high, and also it is not such
16 Apr 09, 20:56
Ganesh: affordable to all, i know reasonable money requires to develop dharma and other expenses but when we are doing seva to god ,this money limits all,i know many of the devotees will agree with me in this
17 Apr 09, 18:39
Ganesh: pls dont put money limitation to see god or darshans, if requires collect donations from rich and conduct classes free.As we are sons of great ammabhagawan we should set an example to whole society
17 Apr 09, 18:42
Ganesh: be true to yourself not for others sake ,this is true steps to reach god
17 Apr 09, 18:45

I request to Sourabha and all,
please share your experience and thoughts also, so that we can contact to Dasaji, and will share your concerns.

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1) Do you perceive the Presence of a benevolent force guiding, protecting and shaping your life? What name do you give that Presence? When did you best feel this Presence?

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