Friday, December 25, 2009

Sri Bhagavan Video Conference Oneness London Youtube Video's

I see lot of video presentations on youtube, here is my attempt to put all related video conference.

Sri bhagavan video conference 12 .12 .2009 in Oneness London part1

Sri bhagavan video conference 12 .12 .2009 in Oneness London part2

Sri bhagavan video conference 12 .12 .2009 in Oneness London part3


  1. Thank U Amma & Bhagavan for helping us & guiding us.

  2. Thank you Sri AmmaBhagavan for save my life........ You are living in my heart....
    Thanks& Regards
    Oneness Ramesh

  3. bhagwan ihad kept aletter of my own life in front of your srimurty ,ther i wrote those thing that i have did in my past and twhat i doing in present, at the end of the youth dikhya . i dont know that wether you got it or not but bhagwan after taking your youth dikshya some some changness has in me so i very hhank full to you ,but now my problem is i cannot express my actually felling to you i am not so good in englsh also ,bhagwan still i am do ing so many bad things in my life and dont know how i eleminated it i am im impruving but some strong negative thought po my past life and my present dons are irritated me ,i dont know why but i accept that i have so many guilty in my lipast life and also now i cannot able to stop it permantaly ,i loving you very much nbut ther is also a conflict that to whome i should ipray

    finally bhagwan i saying that those to whome i hurt ibegging sorry for theme ,pls make my mind positive thought.


  4. Thanks a lot for posting the videos in this blog. You gave me an idea on what to do with my next project on video conferencing. I will invite my friends to visit your blog too because I need inputs on the website.


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